What is VSKenya?
Voluntary Service of Kenya, is a Youth Voluntary Service Organization, registered- SS/MSA/CD/YD/05/37 under the ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services of the Government of Kenya. VSKenya avails the youth and the young at heart, local and international an opportunity to volunteer their skilled or unskilled services, from literacy schemes to primary health care programmes in rural communities for social economic development and poverty alleviation. This is an effort to "think globally and act locally"

Our goals and programmes vary widely according to the different needs to which they respond and the various contexts within which they operate. Nevertheless they share a common denominator as each programme of effort seeks to promote self-reliance by mobilizing local resources, human and material for social, economic and cultural development.

Our objectives

  1. Poverty alleviation and sustainability: VSKenya mobilizes resources, financial, material, human and technological, institutional etc, crucial for development, for the community to respond to its basic needs to bring about self-reliance and independence.
  2. Fostering a culture of peace, security, solidarity and respect decisive for creating a broad popular understanding of other societies and in particular the challenges they face through work camps.
  3. Voluntarism: Development through Voluntary Service, at grass-root level and experiential learning.
  4. Gender orientation: Girls and Women are identified as a special target group in VSKenya work. Equitable opportunities are created as new priorities based on analysis that reflect their different needs and possibilities.
  5. Environmental conservation and its related concepts: To preserve and restore the environment and on the other hand ensure that people can survive and gradually improve their situations.

Our philosophy: One earth, One family: Share and care...

Our activities:

  1. Work/summer camps
  2. Exchange programmes for volunteers, North-South, South-South and South-North.
  3. Capacity building, empowerment and advocacy
  4. Community mobilization
  5. Tree planting, clean-up, Environmental Education, etc
  6. Networking
  7. Fundraising Eg.VSKenya Tshirt campaign Australia. 
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